More than two decades after democracy, the ‘rainbow nation’ of South Africa has come a long way in shedding the segregationist ideas and practices of the past.  Still, for many, the remnants of the systemic Apartheid apparatus endure in the form of stark social inequalities, entrenched in the suburb-township dichotomies of South African’s social landscape.  The state’s attempt at redress and transformation has taken various forms, from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of the early days to Affirmative Action and its various ramifications.  But old habits die hard.

This story explores the perceptions and reality on the ground and how it experienced by a group of university students in Cape Town.  This young people, born after Apartheid ended, who call  themselves “Born Free,” and who make up 40% of South Africa’s electorate.

Do the “Born Free” represent the hope of a better more democratic and equal, less divided and corrupt, South Africa?

Tomo Brody  (  and I also made a short film that explores this story.

You can see it on vimeo at: